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Environment - What's keeping you from good health

environment"90% of chronic disease is driven by the environment."
Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology (2011) 21, 5-9

Our modern world is full of barriers to health.

Toxins: cleaning chemicals, artificial fragrance, pesticides, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, air pollution, allergens, mold, medications, heavy metals

Diet: processed foods, sugar, salt, food allergies and sensitivity, artificial coloring, chemical food additives

Activity level: extended periods of sitting, hours looking at television and computer screens, driving rather than walking, poor sleep habits


proactive What can you do

Whether you're inside or outdoors, at home, at work, at school or at play, your health plan must evaluate and minimize your risks.

Be proactive! Take steps now to protect your current - and future - health.

I'll help you identify environmental factors that have the potential to lead to health problems and give you the tools you'll need to minimize the health risks.


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