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Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner





Below are some examples that functional medicine nutrition can help with.  

acne/rosacea diarrhea mycotoxin/mold exposure
allergies/intolerances digestive disorders osteoporosis
anti-aging eczema pre-diabetes
anxiety fibromyalgia polycystic ovarian syndrome
arthritis gerd polymyalgia rheumatica
attention deficit disorder gluten sensitivity pregnancy
autoimmune disease hair loss psoriasis
brain fog headache rashes
cardiovascular disease high blood pressure raynauds disease
celiac disease high cholesterol sleep apnea
chronic fatigue infertility sports nutrition
chronic pain insomnia thyroid
congestive heart failure irritable bowel ulcerative colitis
constipation low blood sugar vegetarian diet management
crohn's disease lupus weight gain
depression lyme disease weight loss
diabetes metabolic syndrome wellness


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